Bank of America Mobile for Blackberry

Save trips to the bank and post office with the Bank of America mobile app for Blackberry™ phones.

Access your accounts information at your convenience.
There for you anytime!

Sometimes you want to know your account balances while you are out shopping. With BOA mobile apps, this is a cinch.Check your account balances while at a restaurant, or your mechanic, or at a shopping mall. Manage payments, transfers form  at  the most convenient time and place for you!

You can check balances for your all your Bank of America accounts:

  • checking
  • savings
  • home equity lines
  • mortgage loans
  • CD
  • credit card accounts
  • investment accounts

Search and track your recent transactions, even pending ones. View ATM transactions,direct deposits and debit card transactions.
Search your credit card transactions (within the last year)

Download the BOA Mobile Banking App to access mobile banking.

Although Text Banking is a quick way to get your account balances, the mobile app provides many more options.

Transfers funds between your Bank of America accounts
Schedule transfers for a later date or cancel a future transfer

The BOA app has built in security and BOA provides liability protection for
Securely send money using an email address or mobile number.(limitations apply)

Have a friend or family member who needs money in an emergency? Need to reimburse the friend who paid the whole bill at a restauraunt? All you need is their email address or mobile number; you don’t need to get their account number or carry around a book of checks.

Download the BOA Mobile Banking App to access mobile banking Now!